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  School bells & Time Switches 
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   The Ultimate Time Switch – The ADC  TSII
     The Time Switch II is an excellent alternative to common time switches, offering much more than just weekly programmable on/off times.
school time switch


Latest Micro-controller Based Technology.

2 Line Blue/White LCD Display

Multiple time tables.

More than 20 000 alarm times

1 minute alarm intervals (resolution)

1 to 99 second ring duration

Option to set on / off times as cyclic with week days or static (same time every day)



Simple programming interface allows Easy editing - insertion or deletion of programmed on /off times.

Backup and restore option

Easy wiring to existing Bells, sirens or intercom systems.

2 Heavy Duty Relay outputs can switch up to 10Amp each

2 built in Bell tones     (Can be connected to standard horn or box speakers)

Built in Evacuation alarm

Auto / Manual Mode

Battery Backup

Data Retention > 200 years

Built in lightning and surge protection



Introducing the New School Bell System from The Audio Design Center

Simpler to use, Smarter and Better Value than ever before.



The ADC SMART BELL is the latest solution for schools and factories that require an automatic time alert system for signaling class changes, shift rotations, breaks and any other timed signal application. With the ADC SMART BELL, you can access, control and schedule bells individually via any authorized smart phone, and no designated computer is required. For those who wish to program the bell times themselves it is a very simple process. Connect any pre-authorized smart phone to the schools/factories Wi-Fi network or switch mobile data on, enter the password and bell schedules on the free phone app, then press save, The phone’s Wi-Fi and mobile data can now be switched off. The phone is no longer required. An even easier way is to email a list of times the bell must ring to We will then program the unit over the air from our office. As with most bell systems you also have the ability to ring the bells manually.

Special features:

System fully relieves the person responsible to ring the bell at an accurate time. It is fully automatic.

1. Stand alone, no computer required to program or maintain the ringing schedule.
2. Output Devices: Any electrical device like, bell, siren or intercom system can be connected.
3. No battery required to maintain clock and stored program.
4. Time setting and accuracy is automatically maintained.
5. Programmable ringing duration from half a second to 1 hour


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